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When you create your own stickers from scratch like I do, you end up with a lot of throwaways. Whether it be surface imperfections, slightly off printing, or simply old materials that I've phased out for better end products, I end up with a pretty big pile! But if some wonkiness doesn't bother you, I've got you covered!
**Generally I will send you a random "Second," but you may make requests of what sticker/sticker category you'd prefer. However, if I do not have that item on hand I'll send something that I do have!

Sticker Seconds!

  • Seconds are created in a variety of ways, but here are the most common imperfections you'll see if you order some:

    1. Print errors - often in the form of faint print lines from a misaligned printhead. More rare are prints with contrast errors from my error in print settings, or stickers with blots of ink from cartridge malfunctions
    2. Laminate errors - These will usually be small bubbles in the laminate or bits of dust/who knows what caught in the laminate. May also just be odd film inconsistencies.
    3. Cutting errors - Stickers that were cut slightly "off" in my vinyl machine. Usually look basically fine, but the white border might be thinner on one side than I'm comfortable with
    4. Outdated stickers - Stickers that utilize processes/materials that I have since moved away from. Overall an inferior product to what I am selling currently (be it visual or longevity wise), but generally serviceable

Buyer's note: All products sold on this website are printed, assembled, and shipped (via First Class USPS letter) on demand by the artist. Please expect a handling time of 3-5 business days before products are shipped.

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